Voice and Data Cabling

Move into the future with BDS Communications. Having a quality and dependable low voltage structure cabling system for your company is important, as this sort of cabling will provide enhanced wireless connections. Over this wireless connection setup, vital information is transferred, so it is imperative to have a trustworthy setup. Don't risk data, voice, multimedia or security connections with a sub-par wireless connection. Our voice and data cabling services extend to clients across the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Voice and Data Cabling Options

BDS Communications provides those in the Dallas and Fort Worth area with excellent and reliable network cabling services and offers voice and data cabling options to choose from. Structured cabling has a set of standards that are ideal for offices, data centers and apartments for data or voice communications. In this sort of cabling, different cabling categories are used. These categories are:

Either the topology of the network or the preference of the customer determines how to lay the cabling. Through this sort of cabling, a subsystem will be created which makes the process of managing the various cabling networks, which include voice and data, easier. Your business will enter the 21st-century digital landscape with the subsystem. There are almost endless possibilities when you upgrade your voice and data cabling.

Voice Cabling

Voice cabling provides offices with the ability to have conference calls via speakerphones. There are different cables used for these installations that provide their own set of benefits when it comes to voice cabling. Turn your office around and head into the 21st century with an upgraded A/V system. Have crystal clear conference meetings and many other benefits with our voice cabling installations. 

Data Cabling

A data cable is any media that allows base-band transmissions from a transmitter to a receiver and examples can be seen all over the place, including in:

  • networking media
  • telecommunications cables
  • media devices

For the networking media, this is the Ethernet cable, like the Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, the token ring cable (Cat4) and the serial cable. Also included in this is the optical fiber cable and the coaxial cable. The Cat2 or telephone cord is part of the telecommunications cable and a USB cable is part of the media devices. Data cabling is different than voice cabling or cable telephony, which is a form of digital telephony over a cable television.

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