Home Theater  & Automation Systems Contractor

BDS AVCOM can take care of you, whether you would like to have a dedicated home theater, media room system, or you are just looking to upgrade your home theater or automation equipment. BDS AV Communications can assist with the design & Installation & service of your space to enjoy movies, sports and gaming in your own home. BDS AVCOM is a custom audio video contractor for your home theater & media room systems and home automation systems.    We are a dealer for many home theater manufactures.

We design and engineer the HD video, sound and décor to perfection and integrate everything seamlessly:

• Choose from a variety of home theater speaker options: floor standing, on-wall, in-wall or completely hidden.

• Optimize your sound with acoustical paneling, design and sound proofing.

• Personalize your theater with themed rooms, star-filled ceilings, or quality designed theater chairs.

• Enjoy calibration that will allow the most subtle whisper come through vividly.

• Pause for popcorn with a simple push of a button, automatically ramp up to 30% to illuminate your way to the kitchen. Return to the perfect movie ambiance by just touching 'play'.

So if you live in the Dallas Fort Worth are ( DFW ) and whatever the size, budget or style, a dedicated home theater system / media room by BDS AVCOM is unique space designed for you, your family, and friends to celebrate the cinematic experience.