Low Voltage Structure Cabling

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BDS Communications provides those across the Dallas and Fort Worth area with the best in AV communications. We specialize in video and audio custom installations. Our A/V specialists will boost your office with the best in voice and data cabling. One area in particular that is important in the enabling and improving of office communications is the installation of low voltage structure cabling systems.

What is Low Voltage Structure Cabling?

Structured cabling falls into six different subsystems. The different subsystems allow for a simple and easy customization to your business and give you the best possible result for your wireless connections. The different subsystems are as followed:

  • entrance facilities
  • equipment rooms
  • backbone cabling
  • horizontal cabling
  • telecommunications rooms
  • work-area components

Entrance facilities is the point where the cabling of the phone company and customer premises meet. The phone company's network cabling only extends so far, before ending with the on-premises wiring at the customer's location. Structured cabling is highly prevalent in equipment rooms, which house cabling equipment and wiring consolidation points and serves the users inside the building. The term backbone cabling is cabling that is connected between buildings. It is structured in a way that links cabling between the entrance facilities, equipment rooms and telecommunication closets and is mostly used in data centers.

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