Data Cabling

Affordable Data Cabling For Dallas & Fort Worth Area

BDS Communications offers a wide range of A/V services, which includes voice and data cabling. This is a component with two aspects: voice cabling and data cabling. We are a licensed and insured provider of a variety of A/V services and our service area extends to clients throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Data cabling is a simple and easy way to upgrade your office space and make it more modern.

What Is Data Cabling?

In short, data cabling pertains any media that allows for base-band transmissions from a transmitter to a receiver. Data cabling is a broad term that describes the running of data for a computer network environment, telecommunications equipment (like an office phone), or any other types of cables. It is a term that is synonymous with Network Cabling and Fiber Optic Cabling. This is due to the fact that 'data" is a general term that may include both networks and fiber optics.

Examples of such cabling can be seen in numerous instances, including in networking media, telecommunications cables and media devices. For the networking media, this is the Ethernet cable (like the Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, the token ring cable (Cat4) and the serial cable). Also included in this is the optical fiber cable and the coaxial cable. The telephone cord of Cat2 is part of the telecommunications cable and a USB cable is part of the media devices. This sort of cabling strays from voice cabling or cable telephony, which are forms of digital telephony over cable television.

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BDS Communications has years of experience in the industry and offers clients across the Dallas and Fort Worth area with trusted data cabling services. We are a licensed and certified contractor, so you are in good hands with us. For more information about our voice cabling services, please contact us today. The number to call is 817-445-5492. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about data cabling. We can also provide you with a free consultation and estimate for our services.