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BDS Communications is a motorized shades contractor for clients across the Dallas and Fort Worth area. We are also an authorized Crestron dealer and supplier. Crestron's breakthrough design in the lighting and shading control category is the first of its kind. This digital QMT shade motor (CSMQMTDC-256) will transform your ordinary home or office shading with its brush-less DC motor. It comes with a solid-state control that is incredibly small, yet powerful enough to handle any sort of job.

The Digital QMT Motor From Crestron

As a trusted Creston dealer, we pride ourselves on offering up the best products on the market. Our Digital QMT motor is the first brush-less motor design for shades. This motor affords exceptional reliability, smoother operation, and ultra-quiet performance while operating motorized shades and blinds. It also provides superior torque in a small package, because a single motor is able to power a shade as narrow as 21 inches or as wide as 10 feet. This allows for the motor to be used in a variety of work settings. Lastly, it comes with Variable Speed Control (VSC) settings in 1/10 RPM increments, which provides the user an unprecedented level of precision. Plus it eliminates the carbon dust generated by motors utilizing brushes.

Motorized shades and/or blinds are also an available if those suit your home's needs better. The Digital QMT motor is energy-efficient and performs virtually silently for window shades of almost any size. This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. That is how confident we are in the reliability of the CSM-QMTDC-256 motorized shade. We trust that it will work up to your standards. And as an authorized Crestron dealer, we will ensure this equipment is installed properly.

Importance of Quality A/V Products

Many AV outlets have a more narrow definition of what their job pertains and many do not consider this type of technology in their realm. However, we do and is something that sets up apart from the competition. In order to grow in the audio video industry during the "green" and digital age, redefining and implementing quality motorized shades, blinds and lighting is imperative. We consider all systems and technology that can be integrated onto the same network as AV. We can install motorized shades, blinds and lighting systems along with many other more general audio video services, providing you with a fully integrated system. We take being your trusted Crestron dealer very seriously and go above and beyond to provide you with all the tools and equipment to succeed.

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BDS Communications has years of experience in the AV industry and is an authorized Crestron dealer and have become a trusted Crestron supplier for many homes and businesses across the Dallas and Fort Worth area. If you are interested in any Crestron products for your home or business and would like a free estimate, please contact us today. The number to call is (817) 445-5492. We look forward to helping you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding Crestron products, or any other AV issues you may be in need of.