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BDS Communications provides expert voice and data cabling services that can increase the performance of your business. As we move further into the future, keeping up with new technology is more important than ever. One of the services we provide is a Cat5e installation for your computer network. Our service area extends to clients across the Dallas and Fort Worth area. We have years of experience providing A/V services to customers and offer services at affordable rates.

What is Cat5e Installation?

A category 5 cable is commonly referred to as a Cat 5. In short, it is simply a twisted pair cable that is used for computer networks. The cable standard provides performance of up to 100 Mbps and it is suitable for most varieties of Ethernet over twisted pair. Punch-down blocks and modular connectors are most commonly used to connect the cable. Many category 5 cables are not shielded and must rely on the balanced line twisted pair design and differential signaling for noise rejection.The cat5e specification supersedes the category 5.

There are a few differences when it comes to comparing a Cat5 and a Cat5e cable. Both cables can be plugged into the same port, but there are subtle differences in the performance that are worth noting. Many in the tech industry look at the Cat5 as obsolete, because it is the older model. However, when it comes to physical differences between it and the Cat5e, they are nearly identical. The one distinguishing difference is the text printed on the cable. But manufacturers now almost go out of their way to improve the durability of the Cat5e, which makes them better suited for prolonged use. The contractors on staff can provide you with a cat5e installation that is dependable, as well as affordable.

Cat5e Installation Services

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