Cable Telephony

BDS Communications provides a wide range of A/V services for people across Dallas and Fort Worth. Cable telephony, or voice cabling, is a form of digital telephony that occurs over cable TV networks. This is when a telephone interface is installed on location and converts analog signals from the customer's in-home wiring to a digital signal. This is then sent over the cable connection to the company's switchboard. After that happens, the signal is then sent on to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The cable telephone provides another revenue stream for cable TV system operators. It also gives the consumer the convenience of a single bill for combined television, internet and telephone services. Bundling these options oftentimes is the cheaper route to go.


The biggest advantage to the digital cable telephone service is how the data can be compressed. This results in a reduced use of the bandwidth than a dedicated analog circuit-switched service. By using this sort of cabling, the voice quality improves, which is another nice benefit. You may also be provided with a cheap or unlimited nationwide and international calling plans, as you are integrated into a different network. In many cases, digital cable telephone service is done separately from broadband internet access.


One disadvantage is how the medium is shared. This can result in delays and drops when the bandwidths become too high. This leads to issues when there are emergencies. In an emergency, there is a need for nearly 100% reliable service. However, sometimes the demands can be a bit much and cause an inability to get through. It doesn't need to be an emergency, though, to see delays in this area. Simply during prime parts of the day, when there is heavy internet usage, delays and slowness can be experienced. But as technology advances forward, better and more reliable methods are being developed. 

Another disadvantage is if the service requires power at the subscriber's end. If there is an emergency and the main power is lost and without a backup generator, the telephone will not work. So an additional cost is needed to ensure a backup. Traditional landlines supply their own power with the communication wires, which keeps their devices operational.

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